How to Create a Discord Server? – Step by Step Guide

Using Discord somehow became an everyday thing for me. I was joining several servers, and leaving some of them again. It is nice to meet different people on these servers and to communicate with them. But at some point, I started to ask myself how cool it would be to create my own Discord Server. I could be the admin, ban people and grow a community. At some point, I’d even be able to monetize this community! Loaded with motivation, I started a new Browser Tab on Google Chrome and Searched for: How to Create a Discord Server?

By that time, I didn’t know anything about starting and Growing a Discord Server, but this was long ago. Today, I’m the Admin of 4 Discord Servers, with at least 7.5K users each. I want to teach you, what I had to teach myself over several intense months of work. To save you some time and headache, I will start a series which will cover every Step on How to build and grow a Discord Server from Scratch! Starting with How to Create a Discord Server.

The Short Answer on this would be:

Open Discord, Click on the “+” Icon on the Very Left Side. Now Click on “Create a Server”. Enter a Name for it, Choose a Server Logo and Click on “Create”. Congrats, you have just Created your own Discord Server. 


If you want to know everything dedicated to this Topic, you should definitely hang on and read the whole Article. 


Choose a Name for your Discord Server

Discord Server Name


If you want to make this Server to be a success, then you need to choose a catchy, preferably short name for it. You want your future users to remember the Server, and to tell their friends about it. Make it remarkable and Topic Related. So if you’re Building a Fortnite Community Server, then it should be somewhat Fortnite related. But please don’t name it”Fortnite HDDX Gamers Central Best Fortnite Discord Around“- kinda extreme example, but you get the point. Short and Topic related, these are your go-to criteria. Now that you have a name for your Server, let’s move on to the next Step on How to Create a Discord Server.


Get a Logo

Discord Server logo

If you think that the Logo Design of your Discord Server is unimportant, then you’re on the wrong track! If you want the Server to be for you and your Friends from School, Jimmy, and Tyler, then you can just choose a random Doggo Meme as Server Logo. But if you want this Discord Server to Grow into huge Dimensions, and if you want to monetize it at some point, you should consider getting a nice and clean Logo Design.

The question now is, where to get such a Logo Design? The answer is quite simple. You have 2 Different options. 1. You have some Basic knowledge of Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator, so you can make your own fancy Discord Server Logo. Option  2. Looks like this: Pay someone to create a Logo for your Discord Server. If you now think “Dude, I have like only 5 bucks, where should I find someone who will create a Logo for me?” Don’t Panic. Sign up on this Page  and search for: Discord logo

The best Part about this Page is, that someone will Design a Discord Server Logo for you, for as cheap as 5 Bucks! You see, we are making slow but steady progress, and after reading this Article, you will be an expert on how to create a Discord Server!!


Create Channels

Discord Server Add Channels

Now, this can be pretty overwhelming at first, but you have to imagine your Discord Server like a Forum. And like every other Forum, your Discord Server needs Sub-Forums – which are called Channels in Discord. To create a channel, you just need to click on the little “+” Icon, on the channel Tab. When you hover over it, it should say “Create a Channel

Now that you have created a Discord channel, we should look at what you can do with them. Let’s stick with the example of a Fortnite Discord Server. You could, for example, create a Channel for Guides, where your Discord users can Post their own Strategies. There could also be a Channel for News, to keep your users Updated about everything Fortnite related. You can of course also set Channel Rules. These will prevent some users from being able to post into these Channels.

You could, for example, create an Announcement Channel and prohibit other users from Posting into this Channel, so they can only read what you write in there, but they can’t write anything there themselves.


Get a Bot for your Server

Discord Bots
Click on the Image!

Getting a Bot for your Discord Server can have many benefits for you and for your Community. It can manage the Moderation for you so that it filters out any Spammers. A Discord Bot can even send Welcome-Messages to users who just joined your Server. I’m sure that every larger Discord Server out there, uses at least one Bot. The best part about Discord Bots is, that they are absolutely free to use! They are developed by people who want to contribute something to the Discord community. 

If you are wondering what Bots you should use on your Server, you should check out this Top 10 List of the Best Discord Bots 2018

If you want to avoid to use a Bot for the moderation of your Discord Server at any cost, there is another Option for you.



Discord Server Staff

You should ask some friends who enjoy Discord and the Topic as much as you do. Ask them to join your Server and to be your Staff members. They will act like Forum Moderators, who take care that all Members are obeying the Rules. If someone does not follow your Server Rules, your Moderator will either give him a warning, Mute him from the Chat or Ban him from the Server.

You should consider either getting a Discord Bot or a moderator. You can of course also get Both. This is an essential Step to Improve your Servers and your Users security! It’s vital if you really want to know How to create a Discord Server.



We’re almost done with the creation Part of our Discord Server. The last Step should be to define the Roles you want to set. Roles can be important for your user’s experience. You can, for example, set a Role called “Vendor“. Now every Person who receives that Role from you can be allowed to sell things on your Marketplace Channel (Just an Idea, you can, of course, do this however you like to). You can create any Role you like.

They will help your users to see what other Members have done in the past to get these Roles from you. Roles in a Discord Server can Determine how trustworthy a user is. If a user has many Roles with a positive tone, for example, “Trusted” Verified” “Vendor” etc. then other users will know that this must be a trustworthy person because they got these Roles from you or from your Discord Staff Members.


You now know How to Create a Discord Server!

That is actually everything that you have to think about if you wondered How to Create a Discord Server. In the next Part of this Series, we will cover How to Promote a Discord Server, so that more People join it.


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