How to connect Discord to Twitch?

Discord starts to become the ultimate and most used Chat Software, especially among Gamers. Due to its popularity, Discord as a Company is starting to reach out to other Companies in the Gaming Industry. And not any small Companies, I’m talking about the Big Players here. You can nowadays connect your Discord Account to your Twitch, Google, BattleNet, Skype, League of Legends, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Xbox Live Accounts.

Phew! That’s a lot of Options you have there. In this Post, I will be covering how to connect your Twitch Account with your Discord Account. Later on in this Post, I will also tell you why you should do that and which benefits it can bring for you.


Connect your Discord Account to Twitch

It’s fairly easy to do that. You just need to navigate to your Discord Account Settings and choose the Twitch connection. After that, you’ll be redirected to the Twitch Login Page and you’ll have to enter your Account information there. Once you’ve clicked on “Login” you’ll be redirected to a confirmation Page, where Twitch asks you, if you want to link your Discord with your Twitch account. Once that is done, you’re good to go!


Why should you Connect your Twitch with your Discord Account?

Linking your Discord Account with your Twitch account brings you some nice benefits. You can, for example, create a Sub-Only Discord Server, where only the people who subscribed to your Twitch Channel have access to. This makes sure (at least most of the times) that no “funny” people try to join the server and don’t spam the heck out of it.

It’s a way for you to engage with your audience even more. This will make sure that it grows steadily and stable. You could use this opportunity for a huge variety of ways. For example, you could keep track of giveaways which you host, and choose a winner right from the discord server! That way, you make sure that only people who subbed to your Twitch Channel can enter the giveaway!

But that’s just an idea, you can choose whatever you want to do with this!


Grow your Twitch audience with Discord!

Above, I covered why you should connect these two with each other. One answer was, to grow your audience.

But how exactly can you do that? How exactly can you use your Discord Server to grow your twitch audience? When you first think about it, it might seem a bit complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Just be creative! You could, for example, notify everyone in the Discord Server, that you’re going to stream at X – o’clock! I bet everything I have that people who receive a Discord Message from you will be more likely to go over to twitch and watch your live stream, compared to if they’d just receive a twitch notification.

Think about it! You’ve experienced it yourself! Remember the moments when you get youtube notifications that X – has uploaded a new video? “Mhh yea, gonna watch that later, maybe.”

But now imagine that your favorite YouTuber would send you a Discord message, right to your Phone/Computer when he’s about to drop new content! That’d convince me to go watch his/her content ASAP, as I’d feel much more connected to the person.


Will people from Twitch even want to join my Discord Server?

Of course! Your hardcore fans will join you where ever you want them to anyways. But even the majority of the others will surely do, as Discord is getting more and more Users from around the world every day! In case you didn’t know, Discord as a Company doubled it’s Stats every Year, and it will keep doing that.

Make sure to take a look at the Infographic below, which will show you how many people use Discord every day.  And the best part? Discord is free for everyone and you can join a server with 2 clicks. Who wouldn’t like to make use of that?!

discord info graphic growth stats


How can I make them join my Discord Server?

Now that we’ve covered which benefits connecting your Discord with Your twitch can bring to you and your community, we’ll talk about how we are going to send them over, from twitch to Discord and vice versa.

At first, we want to bring people from our Twitch channel to our Discord Server, otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense, as the Server is still empty. So how are we going to do that? In fact, as well as in every other part of life, you just need to be creative. The easiest thing though will be giveaways. Tell people during your live stream that they can win $10 Amazon Giftcards when they join your Discord server and write something into it.

That way, you could easily keep track on who really subbed you, and who really did what you told them to do. But giveaways are not the only way to do this.  You could also just tell them to join the Server, if they want to play with you together and may be featured on your Twitch Channel.

See? Everything is possible, and I came up with these ways in like 0,394 seconds. And if I can, you can too!


How can I get people from my Discord Server to my twitch channel?

Over time, you’ll have people who joined your Discord server, even though they might not even be subscribed to you on twitch. How can you get them to subscribe you and watch your content? Almost even easier than in the section before!

You can do the same thing. You can just tell them to watch the live stream on X-O’clock and write something into the comments when you’re actually broadcasting. Having 100 people writing stuff into your twitch comment section, will most likely even boost your Twitch channel into the upper search results for whatever you are streaming! So your previous viewers will get you more viewers!


How can I promote my Discord Server?

If you want to promote your Discord Server so even more people will follow you on twitch, then you should check our Homepage! We provide free Discord Server listings so that you can list your server within a few clicks, and make sure it’s seen by millions of people every month.


discord server listing site


When submitting your Server to our site, we’ll review it within a few hours to make sure that everything is alright with our rules as well. To make as many people as possible click and join your Discord server, you should definitely make sure to add an outstanding Picture to your Listing. Also, make sure to add a brief but clear description of what your server is about.

If you follow these tips, you’ll skyrocket your Discord/Twitch audience in no time, and you’ll be able to make actual money with it!


Thanks for reading along, make sure to leave a comment and tell me about your experience with twitch and Discord! I’d love to hear how everything went for you.


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