How to add Bots to Discord

Discord offers a huge variety of open source created bots. That means, that random Developers from all over the world are creating Bots to make yours and your Communities Discord life easier. And the best part – they’re free. You heard right, all Bots created by these Developers can be added to your Discord Server, without costing you a single Penny! In the last post about Discord Bots, we covered the Top-10 of the best Discord Bots in 2018. If you haven’t read that post, make sure to do so by just clicking here.

This time, we’ll cover how to add the bots to your server. So grab a cup of Tea – or a bottle of Mountain Dew and let me guide you through the process.

Note: You’ll need to have so-called “Manage Server Permissions” to be able to add Bots to the Discord Server. 


Add Bots to your Discord Server

the process is actually a lot easier than you might think it is. Just stick to this guide and you’ll have your Bot added to your Server in no-time! If you don’t know which Bots to add, then just check our article again, about the Top-10 Discord Bots for 2018.

Step 1. 

Visit the official Discord Site on the Internet, Right here. After that, just log in with your Discord Account Details. From there, head to our Homepage and search for the Bot that you’d like to add to your Server. You can just click here to get to our Homepage. Once you’ve found the Bot, click on “Add to Server”.


Step 2. 

You should now be redirected to an authorization screen, once you’re there just click on the field where you can choose on which Server you want to add the Bot to. Choose the right Server and Boom!

– That’s it. You’ve now successfully added a Discord bot to your Server. Wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be huh?


Why should you use Bots on your Server?

Have you ever played Skyrim without Mods? It’s an awesome game, right? But have you ever played Skyrim with Mods? That changes the whole game completely, and the same happens when you add Bots to your Discord Server.

They give you so many opportunities to customize your Server so it fits your needs, and of course the needs of your community! Did you know that there is a bot which lets you play music on your Discord Server? It does even show you the lyrics!! How sick is that? And as I mentioned before, it’s all free to use for you and your community. Shout out to all the Discord Bot Devs!


Which Bots are a MUST for your Discord Server?

Well, to be honest, it really depends on the niche your Server belongs to. For example, if you are a twitch Broadcaster and your Server is filled with your twitch community, then it would make sense to add Bots that relate to that topic! For example an announcement Bot, which could announce every time you’re live streaming on Twitch.

Or what about a giveaway bot, so you can keep your community active as hell! The bot will announce the giveaway and randomly choose a winner from all the people who participated! I like to call this, “Discord Lottery” it’s like in real life, but you got nothing to lose if you take part. Please note, that these Bots are just examples of what you can do.

There are literally hundreds, even up to thousands of Discord bots out there, waiting for you to discover them! And there are people developing more of them, right now as you are reading this.


Can I develop my own Discord Bot?

Sure you can! But note that is is not as easy as just adding it to your Server. This involves knowledge of different Programming languages, such as NodeJS. If you got some basic knowledge with this language, then it is actually not that hard to build a simple bot for discord. I may release a Step by Step Guide, on how to develop your own Discord Bot from scratch!

Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out when I release it!


How can I promote the Bot that I’ve Built?

Promoting your Discord Bot can be a very hard task, as well as promoting your Discord Server. That’s why we came up with our Website, as the Number 1 address for people who want to list and find Discord Servers / Bots.

Our Site is visited by millions of People per month, as you can see in the screenshot right here: server site search

You can use this incredible amount of traffic, at absolutely no cost so that people can find your server/bot with ease. We do indeed offer a variety of paid plans / monthly subscriptions that do cost money, but these are only for people who really want to boost their Servers/Bots up to the extreme so that they get even more engagement.


How can I submit my Bot to

It’s easier than anything else stated in this article! You just have to click on the “Add your Server” Button, on the Top-Right Corner of your Screen. Done? great! Now just select a plan and you will be directed to the Submission Page, where you can fill in all important data we need for your submission to be approved.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready! You can now Sit back, relax and watch the numbers of users grow into infinity!


How can I be featured on the front page of

The 3 Feature spots on the front page of our site are sold out very fast. You can check the price when submitting a Bot/Server. This is because these spots provide the most value for you and your Server/Bot. When someone enters our page, these 3 listings are the first that will be seen. They’re also highlighted so that even more people join your Discord Server / Discord Bot.

If you can’t afford these spots, we do also provide other spots for lower prices and even spots which are totally free! You do not have to pay anything just to be featured on our website. Although you have to consider, that people who buy paid plans, do have an advantage in the search results.



You’ve made it! You do now know how to add a Discord Bot to your Server, and what it takes to create one by yourself. You do even know how to properly promote your Bot to make it go viral and be used by over 15 million Discord users! Thanks a lot for reading through!

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