Discord vs Skype – Why Discord Is Better Than Skype!

As a gamer, I know the struggle. There are so many voice/text chat options to use, that you sometimes can get a bit overwhelmed. The biggest players in the game for the last years have been Skype and Teamspeak. But now a new party has joined the game. It’s named Discord and it’s growing insanely fast. So fast, that almost every one of you who is reading this, should have heard about it (at least if you are a gamer). Now that we have 3 big possibilities to communicate with our friends while playing games, I asked myself: “Who is the best one to use?”. In this Article, we’ll look at the topic: Discord vs Skype. And you will find out why Discord is better than Skype!

In my opinion, Discord beats Skype easily. I’d recommend Discord to all gamers but also other users. Mostly because of the clean design and the user-friendly interface. It’s also very easy to invite your friends into your server, as you just have to send them an invite link! That’s done in a blink of an eye! Besides text chats, you’ll have the possibility to use voice/video chats with Discord. A stable connection is provided by discords side. And the best part about it? It’s absolutely free! If you want to get more details and more unique features that Discord offers, you should keep on reading because I will tell you everything that you need to know!


Community focus

Discord better than skype
Discord Community

When you’re a Skype user, you’ll be able to create and join different groups. This is fine, but all you got there is the main group chat, and that’s it. That’s where Discord is different. Discord is focused on bringing communities of gamers and other people together, so they can behave like in a dedicated forum. Discord offers you to create channels inside of each server so that there is a dedicated space for all sorts of people inside the community! You can also add staff to your server who will manage the community even if you aren’t there! You and your staff can add different roles to the users of the server. These roles could, for example, be an indicator if a person is trusted or not! Thinking that far, you could even open a marketplace channel inside your server and let people trade! For example Ingame Items! So looking at the Community aspect, we can clearly say that Discord vs Skype, ends with a point for Discord! If you want to check it out, make sure to Join our own Discord Server!



As I’ve already mentioned before, Discord was made for gamers. Even though people and communities of all kinds use it, you can still clearly see that Discord offers a lot of benefits for gamers. One huge point that makes Discord better than Skype, is that you can not only launch your games from your Discord dashboard but also invite your friends from there! It also offers you a push to talk function, to avoid annoying clicking noises. What Discord also does, and this is pretty unique, it secures your IP which protects you from DDoS attacks! Gone is the fear you had when giving out your Skype name to random people! Just give them your Discord ID instead, and you’ll sleep nice and smooth again. Another aspect which I’ve already mentioned above is that you can add your own emojis to your Discord Server! That means you could optimize your Server to match the topic/Game even more! The users of your server can then use these emojis in the normal text chat or react with them on things that others have written in the chat. The best part about that is, that people can only use your emojis inside of your server. That helps to keep your server unique!



Looking at Discord vs Skype, one of the most important criteria is the performance. Especially if you’re someone who will use the software for a long time and very often, the performance plays a huge role. Same as with Skype, you can use Discord either as a downloaded version on your desktop or inside of the browser. That gives even your stubborn friends a chance to if Discord is better than Skype, without having to download any software. Both Discord versions have a minimal impact on your CPU. This will make sure that you can still play with your friends, without having to worry about FPS drops or your game crashing all of the sudden. Even the Voice chat, which provides a crystal clear sound, does not slow your PC down. I think we all remember those hours when Skype suddenly crashed, or suddenly took 75% of the CPU power. Gone are those days!


Modern Chat System

Discord vs Skype
Discord Chat banner

Besides Voice and Video Chat, Discord, of course, offers the normal text chat (You don’t say). But it’s unique in its own way. It provides many “/” commands, that will make life so much easier! My favorite one? “/Tenor”  which will make it easy for you to search through gifs, without visiting the Tenor website, and without copying links. With the “@” command, you can either tag a specific person, persons with specific ranks or even everyone on the whole server. What a time to be alive! It is also easy to share your pics and other files through drag&drop. If you have the Discord app, you can experience all the fun and be always there for your server users, even when you’re outside! This is a huge reason for me, as I’m an active chatter, why Discord is better than Skype.


Make money with Discord

Have every made money with Skype? Maybe you did! But Discord brings this to a whole new level. They have a program which is called “Discord Partners”. This won’t just make you money, it will give you opportunities, to customize your server even more! You’ll receive their merch, personalize your server and make money! That’s not even all, there are many reasons why you should become a Discord Partner. To check them all, I have them linked for you here.

Sounds pretty nice huh? The bad part is, that they have very strict requirements when it comes to accepting partners, but you can always try! And even if you do not meet their requirements there are ways.. So let’s summarize this really quick. Discord offers you a way to set your focus on your community, to get in contact with other gamers through using Discord, while gaming! It gives you tons of possibilities to personalize your Server and it does not drag on your performance. So who is the clear winner in our battle Skype vs Discord? Skype obviously! Just kidding. Discord of course, as the advantages are clearly overweighting the disadvantages. So what are you waiting for? Create a Discord account and make sure to join our Server!

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