Best Discord Bots 2018 – The Most Popular Discord Bots

Discord becomes insanely popular among gamers and other types of users. Therefore it’s not strange that developers bring out Bots to make the experience with Discord even better. These Bot developments are even supported by Discord itself, which makes them insanely popular. Now that Discord has been around for quite some time, and hundreds of Developers and users submit their Free creations every day, it can be hard to look through the Jungle of Discord Bots. To provide the best user experience possible for your Discord Server users, there is no doubt that you only want to use the best Discord Bots around.

That’s why I’ve created this Top-10 list of the Best Discord Bots 2018 for you. In the next Part of this Guide series, I’ll cover how to implement a Bot in your Server. But for now, enjoy this List and make sure to leave a comment down below! Note: The Bots are listed in no special order, so any of these Discord Bots could be the Best for you!


1. Pokecord

Pokecord Discord Server

Gotta catch em all! For users who are searching some nostalgic feeling besides Pokemon Go, this may be the Best Discord bot for you! This Bot allows you to let random Pokemon appear in the Discord Chat. Users will be able to catch them, train and trade them. Like in the Pokemon Games, the main goal is to catch em all! The amount of Pokemon that you can catch is not limited so that your Discord users can complete their collections. When fighting others and training your Pokemon, it’ll gain XP and credits which can be used in the shop to buy items like Pokeballs and other useful stuff, just like in the real games! In my opinion, this Bot Definitely deserves a spot in the Best Discord Bots list!


2. BoxBot

BoxBot Discord Bot

This Bot is for everyone who likes surprises. Its name does already speak for itself. You let your Discord server users open Boxes which contain a wide arsenal of weapons. After that, they’ll be able to battle each other with those weapons.  Currently, there are 5 tiers of Items. There are for example a machete, a pickaxe, and a baseball bat. With about  150+ Weapons to use, so there will surely be something, even for the most creative members of your Discord server.

There are currently 4 types of boxes that you can open. Each type contains a different Quality of weapons. The Common Box contains more common Items (wow, thank’s captain obvious). The chance to loot an Epic Item out of these Boxes are therefore extremely low. The chances are about 0.5% to be exact. The best Box has got the name Ultra rare Box. The chance to drop an Ultra rare Item is at 95%, and the chance to loot an Epic Item is at 5%. So if you’d like to see your Discord Community fight against each other, this will be the Best Discord Bot for you!


3. Fortnite Bot

Fortnite Bot Discord

Fortnite is extremely popular. Discord is extremely popular. Why not combine them? The Developer “Dr. Jew” did. He created a Discord Bot for all of you Fortnite players, who always want to be up to date with the latest news about the game. The Fortnite Bot is written in a Programing language called Python and has been built especially for Fortnite related Discord Servers.

The Bot has a wide variety of features. It can, for example, tag your Fortnite username to your Discord account. This way, everyone can see what your IGN is and they can add you right off the bat! Another nice feature this Discord Bot offers is that you can check players last played game stats. This way, you can expose those friends who always say “dude I killed him I swear” (We all know this guy)… Taking all the other functions into consideration, this may be one of the Best Discord Bots for Fortnite players!


4. GuildedBot

Guilded Bot Discord

This one for sure one of the Best Discord Bots for Gamers! And that’s not just me saying it. It’s true! This Discord Bot is used and recommended by professional Esports teams! Currently, the bot is active on over 40k Discord Servers! It covers the most played multiplayer games there are. Overwatch, Fortnite, and CS: GO are just a few of them! It’s integrated features covers a whole lot of possibilities. It can handle your Forums, Recruiting, Streams, Media and lots of other stuff!

It is also really interesting for Server owners, who focus on growing their Discord Server. GuildedBot can track your Server growth, which will allow you to test different growth hacking strategies, to optimize the experience for your users, which will eventually lead to more people joining your community! Because of the huge amount of users, implementing the Bot into their Discord Servers, the support for this Bot is a real goodie as well. If you have any concerns, you can just contact their Support, and they’ll help you ASAP! Definitely one of the most unique Discord Bots around!

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5. MEE6

MEE6 Discord Bot

This Discord Bot is for the creative users among us. It allows you to customize and create your own Bot Commands. For example, if a new user joins your Discoed Server, you can create a default message that the bot will Display, every time someone joins your server. It does also offer you an auto-moderator, which will take care of bad bois in your community! MEE6 does also provide your users with a news feed from your favorite Platforms like Reddit and YouTube, so you’ll always be up to date on whats happening in the world.

Another nice feature, which makes this to one of the best discord bots around for 2018, is that you can add a very own leaderboard for you discord server, which will add some fun and competition on to your server. Most important, your server will gain activity, which will over time of course – attract more users to join your discord server. With around 1.2 Million Daily users, MEE6 is definitely one of the most popular Discord bots around.


6. Auttaja

Aujatta Discord Bot

Auttaja is your Robo-Moderator for your Discord Server. You can’t always be online and the same goes for your Staff? No Problem! Auttaja will take care of that for you, and even more than that! It’s Anti Spam function will take care of annoying spammers that try to exploit your community. It removes the Spam messages and Mutes the user who is posting them, which is very time efficient for you and your server Staff. It does even block VPN users from accessing your Server, which increases your and your users security a lot!

This Discord Bot is working really perfect for larger Discord communities, especially when there are many active people on the Server, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for the Staff to take care of everyone. It will help to make sure that users are safe from malicious content and intentions of other users. Auttaja will even take care of malicious links and will delete them when someone posts them before they can be seen by users of your Discord Server. This Bot is definitely a must f you consider having a big community and if you want to keep it safe. So for a secure and safe user experience, this Discord bot is definitely one of the best for this purpose.


7. PenguBot

PenguBot Discord

PenguBot is one of the allround Discord bots that we can find on the internet. It provides Moderation Features, Music Features and many more. Over 150 features and there are more of them added every day. PenguBot is being used by around 700K Discord users. This huge number of users already shows us that PenguBot is one of the Best Discord Bots around. You can even add insults to it, so it insults other users or makes jokes on demand. Just Edit the command and you’re good to go.

You may also edit it so that it shows comics to users in the chat. This gives you some very new possibilities to use your server. You could start a meme server and grow it into huge dimensions, without you having to be there! Let your staff edit the commands so that new memes will be posted every day. You see that there is a lot of potential in this bot, and it depends on how you use it, it could be the best discord bot for you out there.


8. PollBot

PollBot Discord Bot

There is not much to say about this Discord Bot, but I still love it! It is so simple but at the same time so useful, that it is definitely one of the best discord bots for me! As the name already says, its a Discord Bot, made to do Polls on your Server. This is especially interesting if you have a larger Discord audience because PollBot will help you to find out what your users want. Are you considering to change the server name? Use Poll bot and start a Poll on your Discord Server, and you’ll already know if it’s a good idea or not.

It’s also very interesting for Internet marketers. Imagine that you would not need to split-test any stuff on your Discord Server audience to monetize it! You could just run a poll and you’d already know what works! How amazing is that? Definitely, one of the best Discord bots out there at the moment!


9. NekoBot

NekoBot Discord Bot

This one is for all the anime lovers out there (everyone I hope). NekoBot is an NSFW Discord Bot which was made to have fun! I mean hell, they’ve even implemented a Card Game feature into it! When you look at the features, it is definitely one of the most versatile Discord Bots out there. Among features of random Anime pictures and looking up for urban dictionaries (How cool is that), you’ll be able to flip a coin and even get cryptocurrency Information! This bot is not only for Discord Anime Server Users of course, as you can see, the features are useful for everyone and every type of server.

To be honest, This is my favorite of this list. I just named a few features here, but those are already killing it! There are more than 100+ features that make this bot unique and separate it from other Discord Bots. I mean it features to offer you a random cooking recipe! Cooking lessons on Discord! Let me know what you think in the comments, but being honest here, this is the best Discord bot 2018 in my opinion!


10. Rythm

Rythm Discord Bot

You and your community are music lovers, but you want more than just a regular Discord bot which can play some music? Then Rythm is the absolutely right solution for you and your Discord community. About 1.7 Million Discord Servers use this Bot, so it is one of the most used ones out there. Rythm allows you to listen to music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch and other sources. Now a feature which makes this Discord bot incredible. It shows you lyrics. Yes, you just read that right. Song Lyrics! That’s one of the most amazing features that Discord Bots can have in my opinion. And that’s also a feature which makes the bot so unique. I mean there are plenty of music Bots for Discord out there at the moment, but none of them does provide you with such a variety of unique features.

It does even offer more features which make this one of the Best Discord Bots 2018 indeed!


I hope that you find this article useful for your research! If you like to try out the bots, make sure to check out our Website right here! Also, Leave a comment on other Bots that you like to use!


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